“Battlefield Valkyrie 4” is a SRPG+TPS game produced by Sega. The gameplay is very unique. There seems to be no similar game at present. So for players who are new to the series, it takes a certain amount of time to get started, but once you get started, the game’s unique gameplay will make the player want to stop. SRPG+TPS gameplay First, the purchase channel This is a physical version and a digital version, priced at $100, but the price on Taobao is about $80, the physical version contains the first special code, the content of the special code is to buy the battlefield Valkyrie atRead More →

A few days ago, “He Luo Qun Xia Chuan” was released. For the studio of Heluo, the author has always had deep feelings: from the Jin Yong group of the student era, the martial arts group, and then to the resurrection of Helu a few years ago, the knights were happy to go to the streets when they passed the project… And always look forward to focusing on the martial arts world. Helo’s games have always been game-oriented. In terms of gameplay, their games can still be very happy until today. This is to see the endless stream of “Jin Yong Qun Chuan” player-made MODRead More →

“Nintendo Stars in the Big Fight: Special Edition” is the finale of Nintendo for 2018, and the game content is extremely rich. In particular, the single-player model ingeniously combines FTG elements, RPG elements and the numerous collection elements that are innumerable! From the overall game size, it is no less inferior to last year’s “The Legend of Zelda Wilderness” game. “Nintendo Stars Big Fight: Special Edition” has injected a shot of heart for 2D FTG through a large number of detailed descriptions, enriched game content, and innovative gameplay! This is a physical version, you can also purchase a digital version through Nintendo Eshop. The Japanese version comes with SimplifiedRead More →

The NS version of “Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate” (hereafter referred to as “Monster Hunter GU”) on October 31, 2018 through the patch, updated the official simplified Chinese! This is the second piece of Chinese culture after the series “Monster Hunter World”. For the Monster Hunter series, Monster Hunter GU is a summative work on the history of the first stage of the game. In the following, Monster Hunter World uses a completely innovative gameplay. This book has a physical version and can also be purchased through the digital version. The price is 59.99 US dollars. Be sure to look for “Monster Hunter GU” when you buy, don’t buy “MonsterRead More →

“Pokemon Let’s Go” is the latest work of the sales monster “Pokémon” series, and is the sequel to the first “Spirit of the Elf” on NS. This is a completely remastered version of “Pokémon Pikachu” (Pokemon Yellow), which has undergone significant evolution in terms of graphics, music, and gameplay. This version has been released for two versions, “Pokémon, Let’s Go” and “Peace”, which are only in the early days of Pokémon and other Pokémons. The difference is that the core gameplay is exactly the same. This review is based on “Pokemon Let’s Go Ibrahimovic”, and players who want to purchase “Pokémon” will also be used as a reference.Read More →

“Knight Knight” is an ARPG game similar to Castlevania. Cherry Studio was ported to the NS platform on June 13, 2018. Set in this stunned person, hide the system settings of the extremely difficult players, as well as a large number of deadly enemies. Fragile and small protagonist First, the purchase channel There is no physical version of this work, only the digital version. I bought it in eshop, but it is said that the price of the eshop in Mexico is the lowest, which seems to be equivalent to about $20 Due to the long history of the Demon City games, the common features of this type ofRead More →

“Different Excalibur 2 Gold Country Ira” is “Extra Excalibur 2” is a very large DLC, so large that it can be sold separately. As the last DLC of “Exotic Excalibur 2”, “Golden Country” supplements the doubts of the ontology in the plot, and has some innovations in the gameplay. Although it is not as good as the body in the game volume, the characteristics of the series: Key elements such as “spur lines, upgrades” are also readily available. First, the purchase channel If you are interested in “Different Excalibur 2”, you can directly download the “Different Excalibur 2” + all DLC packaged version, the price isRead More →

After the revolutionary work “Dynasty Warriors 8” was smashed by the majority of players, Glory brought the return to the traditional “Make-up Snake 3”. “Unparalleled Snake 3” added the “God System” on the basis of maintaining the original gameplay, which made the game’s refreshment reach a new peak. First, the purchase channel This book has a physical version and can also be purchased through the digital version. The Japanese version comes with Simplified Chinese. The price is 8424 yen, about $100. (Tucao: Glorious games are always sold more expensive than others  )   Second, what is the choice of Switch platform? The “Unparalleled Snake 3” of the switch platform isRead More →

The “Reigns” series has turned the burden of playing the role of a monarch in the affairs of His Majesty, and uses hundreds of random cards to perform a variety of unexpected events. Any player simply needs to be simple. The little screen can enjoy the pleasure of the country. The simple operation, the fresh gameplay, the unknown encounter, the mode of the friendly player won the praise of “Wang Quan”, and the series was well received on the mobile platform and the Steam platform. Season 7 poster What kind of chemical reaction will this magical game have when combined with the popular American drama “GameRead More →

The NS version of “Dark Soul Remastered Edition” cleared the customs, and after a week, the mood was calm, and the current state of mind is good. I tried to abandon the pit many times while playing this game, but I finally persisted. I just want to see if this game is difficult, or my handle is strong.   This article is mainly written for players who have never touched the soul series. Please decide whether to enter the pit by yourself. After all, NS is not resistant to falling, and once it is basically scrapped. This book has a physical version and can also be purchased throughRead More →